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Town of Pirn

A few blog entries ago I posted some images of a Medieval building created using textures from the Fat Dragon Games templates.

The next thing to do was to make a Medieval town scene. But I wanted to try unique building shapes so I decided to drop using the templates. Instead, I just created the buildings in Blender and applied textures later (from textures I found online created).

This took a lot more time but was a lot more satisfying because I had the ability to make any type of building. It also took a lot more time. In fact, I have been working away on it for about 2 weeks. The first week making the buildings and the second week populating the scene with figures.

The result is below.

Pirn Town Square and the Black Witch Inn

I call the end result Pirn. After the name of the town just off the Map, I made for the Stillwater setting. Pirn is envisioned as the last town at the end of the road before roads turn to trails through the wilderness.

Eventually, it would be nice to develop the entire town. As long as the number of buildings remained under 50 it probably would not take all that long. Populating it would be just about impossible. It would be a lot easier to start with something simpler like the village of Stillwater which has about 25 buildings.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Once More Into the Void Session 25

Once More into the Void Session 25
The Trouble with Chitters

Our latest session opened with the players all holed up in a small cave behind a secret door. Everyone but Oto took a watch as we slept. During Talrek’s watch, he heard scratching at the door but eventually, it went away.

Once everyone had rested the secret door was opened. Oto noticed giant rat tracks outside the door. The group wanders around in circles checking some nearby caves. In the one really large cave, Oto notices spots on the cave floor that look melted or dissolved. The cave is otherwise empty. As the group turned to leave a gelatinous yellow blob fell from the ceiling onto Alcor burning his skin where it touched him.

Oto suggests the group run for it since the blob appears to be pretty slow moving. He casts firebolt and leaves, Talrek casts Guiding bolt and splits the blob into two blobs.  Moving south the group outpaces the blob.

The group enters a cave with several low, small tunnel entrances. Mukah tells everyone that he can hear skittering and chittering noises. He notices claw marks on the cave floor. The noises stop. Just then Oto steps onto a loose section of cave floor and plummets 15 feet down into a pit.

Oto falls into a pit and the Kruthik attack

Round 1
A bunch of greenish white insect erupts from the small tunnels and attack. Talrek is hit first. The rest of the group manages to avoid any hits.

Round 2
Oto gets up from being prone at the bottom of a pit and casts Mage Armor. Mukah goes into a rage making multiple attacks, Alcor also attacks multiple times but the creatures appear very tough despite taking so good hits. The group (except Oto) start to get overwhelmed.

Round 3
Oto laboriously climbs out of the pit. Peering over the edge he can see Thyrell and Talrek fighting the creatures. Thyrell swings and misses badly dropping his sword (rolled a 1). Alcor grabs one creature, tears off a mandible and spears it in the brain killing it. Talrek casts Guiding Bolt and Spiritual Hammer and successfully kills one creature.

Round 4
Thyrell stumbles on the edge of the pit (rolled a 1 again) and steps on Oto’s face. Oto moves to one side and rolls out the pit, stands and casts Fire Bolt but misses. Mukah swings and misses and almost drops his sword (rolled a 1). Tinda the wolf grabs one creature and shakes it until it is dead. One creature remains and Talrek pushes it against the cave wall with his shield to pin it but he misses with his mace.

Round 5
Thyrell again stumbles at the edge of the pit barely avoiding falling in (third 1 rolled in a row), he ends up straddling the pit but pulls himself to one side. Two more creatures emerge from the tunnels to joins the attack. One emerges behind Oto’s back and Oto is struck twice. Oto spins and casts Burning Hands. Alcor disengages from his fight and rushes over to help Oto. Talrek kills one of the creatures attacking Thyrell.

Round 6
Thyrell finally manages to skirt the edge of the pit without falling in and joins Oto in fighting one creature. Mukah is badly hit twice taking a lot of damage (2 criticals). The creature attacking Oto strikes again and the portly mage is staggered barely staying conscious. Oto casts Magic Missile and kills the creature savaging him. Only one creature remains and Alcor hits it, Tinda bites it and then Talrek kills it by casting Sacred Flame.

After the pitched, desperate battle the group pauses to deal with wounds. Thyrell casts cure light wounds on Oto. Talrek takes the time to cast a Ritual Healing spell bringing most of the group back up close to maximum hit points. Oto examines the corpses of the creatures and realizes they are Kruthik hatchlings. The group begins debating whether to press on further and risk meeting full grown Kruthik. Mukah wants to press on but is overruled and the group turn about and head back toward some doors they had passed earlier.

The group has to make their way through some rubble and everyone manages except for Alcor who gets stuck. As the group waits for Alcor to show up they take a short rest. During the break, there is a shutter felt throughout the caverns and dust and debris fall from the ceiling. Eventually, Alcor shows up but is exhausted. The doors they approach are old and rotted. Talrek listens and hears nothing. Mukah grabs a door handle to open the double doors but the doors fall off their hinges to the floor.

Looking past the ruined doors the group see steps down into a flooded cave. In the middle of the pool of water is a small island with some wooden debris on it. Mukah leaps across the pool to the island and finds bleached humanoid bones and a few rotted wooden buckets. Mukah attempts to leap back but he comes up short and falls in the pool. He swims over and pulls himself out.

As the group discusses where to go next there is another shutter and more debris falls. This time both Oto and Mukah are struck by debris.

Should have memorized Jump

Oto looked carefully about the cave. The rest of the adventurers had begun to trust his keen eye and he had taken the task to heart. On the floor Oto could see some strange, scoured areas where the rock floor of the cave appeared to be melted or dissolved.

"There is some strange scouring here on the floor," Oto said.

The rest of the group came over to look. The dwarf Talrek, the half-orc Mukah, the tiefling Alcor and the drow Thyrell with his companion wolf Tinda. Not finding anything of interest in the cave they all turned to leave. Oto looked about once more and then joined the others. Only Alcor stayed back for one more look.

Suddenly, there was a yell from Alcor, Oto whirled about and saw that Alcor was yelling and gesturing at a huge blob of yellow, gelatinous material splattered on the cave floor. The blob undulated and moved, clearly alive. The ceiling! Oto realized he had forgotten to check the ceiling!

"It's burning my skin!" Alcor shouted.

"Everyone Run!" Oto shouted. Oto realized the creature was likely to slow like most other molds and slimes he had encountered in the past. Everyone started to run, Alcor sprinted past Oto and Talrek. Only Talrek hung back.

"If we don't kill it now it will follow us," Talrek shouted at Oto. Oto just yelled "C'mon!"

Oto cast one of his fire cantrips at the creatures and was rewarded with the sight of parts of the creature dissolving and burning. Oto realized the creature was susceptible to fire damage. Talrek also cast one of his holy spells. But instead of damaging the creature, the radiant holy light split the creature in half. Both halves continued to move toward the dwarf.

Oto turned and ran after the rest of the group, trusting that Talrek would follow. Ahead he could just make out Alcor's back in the dim light from his lantern. Puffing from the effort Oto kept running until he entered another cave. Several small tunnels entered the cave along the south and east walls. Another larger tunnel entered from the south. Mukah stood near the tunnel to the south and had his hand up gesturing for everyone to be quiet. Alcor, and Thyrell stood quietly nearby. Oto stopped and rested his hands on his knees tired from the exertion. Talrek came clomping up behind him.

"What?", Oto whispered to Thyrell. Thyrell motioned for Oto to be quiet. Then Oto heard the noise. A chittering and scraping noise coming from all around them. The sounds were quiet and first but the grew louder and then suddenly there was silence.

"Oh good, they went away!" Oto joked. Thyrell and Talrek smiled in amusement but Alcor and Mukah seemed less than amused by Oto's poor attempt at a joke. Then they shrugged.

"Maybe right, let's move on", Mukah said.

Oto moved forward with the rest of the group. After just three steps the ground suddenly went out from under Oto's feet and he plummeted like a rock into darkness.

Oto fell for a moment then came to an abrupt and painful halt. He was at the bottom of a deep pit. The lantern sat above on the edge of the pit where he had apparently dropped it. Oto groaned as the pain from his back suddenly made him aware of the depth he had fallen.

"Ohhh, guys a little help"

Looking up Oto briefly caught a glimpse of Thyrell looking over at him from fifteen feet above. Then Thyrell disappeared. "Hey!" Oto yelled.

Above he could hear shouting and the chittering sound had returned accompanied by screeching and the sound of swords hitting armor. Talrek shouted out in pain from above apparently attacked and hit by something. Oto rolled over onto his knees then climbed to his feet. Looking up Oto could see some movement but no details. He rubbed his hands together. It looked like we would have to climb out on his own. The walls of the pit were rough and appeared to offer many handholds. I should have memorized my jump spell Oto thought disgustingly.

Oto prepared himself then paused. First, he thought I should prepare Mage Armor and arrive at this fight prepared. Oto pulled up the memory of the spell in his mind, spoke the incantation and gestured with his hands. A shimmering magically barrier briefly appears around Oto as the spell took effect. Then it disappeared but Oto could feel it was up and working.

Oto climbed up the stone walls of the cliff with some difficulty. There were a lot of handholds and places to put his feet but Oto was the first to admit that his body was not built for climbing. His round stomach kept getting in the way and threatening to shove him off the pit side. Finally, his right hand felt the edge of the pit. Then his left hand. Oto struggled and pulled himself up to the lip of the pit.

Peering over the edge Oto could see Thyrell with both swords out, slashing at a chitinous, almost metal plated insect-like creature. The creature had four legs and a pair of arms and mandibles. The legs were built like pincers and as he watched he could see Thyrell leaping out the way of the slashing pincers. Talrek was also in front of his view blocking pincers with his shield. As Oto worked to pull himself up into the cave Thyrell leaped toward Oto and stepped one foot directly on Oto's face. He yelled in anger and Thyrell suddenly lost balance. Oto ducked involuntarily as one of Thyrell's swords hit the cave floor right near Oto's left hand.

Oto pulled himself up onto the cave floor and let loose with the first cantrip that popped into his mind, Firebolt. But he missed, disrupted by the act of getting to his feet. Oto backed away toward the cave wall as Talrek and Thyrell slashed away at the strange green and grey insect-like creatures. Oto gasped in pain as he felt two sword points dig deeply into his back. Pulling himself forward, Oto pulled free of the swords and turned about. A horrible creature stood before him, blood dripping from two of its pincer-like legs.

"Ahhh!," Oto yelled. The creature did not flinch but chittered at the mage.

"Manibus stuppea Flamma", Oto yelled speaking the incantation for Burning Hands. Flames leaped from his hands and sprayed over the creature that skittered back in pain. Alcor appeared suddenly on Oto's right, blood dripping from a gash on the tiefling's leg. Alcor speared and pinned the creature attacking Oto briefly but it broke free.

Oto could hear shouting behind him. Then a cry of triumph from Talrek. The creature skittered forward again and stabbed at Oto catching him in the gut. The green pincer slid into Oto's stomach and emerged. Oto watched blood spread out over the front of his robe. It was now or never Oto new. He would bleed out if they could not end this fight soon.

Going over the spell in his mind, Oto upped the potency and cast. Bolts of pure magic leaped from his hands and swooped unerringly at the creature striking it four times. Fluids and chitin sprayed over the cave floor as the bolts of magic ripped through the creature. It slumped to the cave floor.

Oto slumped to one knee. The cave walls became blurry and and dark.

"Help", Oto stammered. Thyrell appeared at his side casting a spell. He place his hand on Oto's stomach and Oto felt the pain recede and warmth grow up from his core.

"Thanks, Thyrell that was close", Oto said.

Getting to his feet he looked about. Six of the creatures lay chopped and mangled on the cave floor. Mukah also appeared to be badly injured. Blood poured from wounds on the half-orcs legs and arms.

"I am going to cast a ritual healing spell," Talrek said and kneeled in the center of the cave. "Stay close to me for a few minutes."

The group moved in close to Talrek. Oto took the time to examine one of the more intact creatures closely. The body was an odd mix of mechanical and insectoid. The ends of the pincers looking like metal. He realized he had come across the name and description of the creatures before while studying in the college.

"These are Kruthik hatchlings," Oto said wearily.

"Hatchlings? You mean there are bigger ones?" Thyrell asked.

"Yes, and the bigger ones are really nasty. The bigger ones are tougher and secrete acid".

Talrek finished up his ritual and a warm glow spread out from the dwarf encompassing the rest of the group. Oto immediately felt much better. Looking down he could see that he was no longer bleeding and most of the ache had left his back.

"We move on", Mukah stated, motioning toward the large tunnel heading in the same direction as the small tunnels the creatures had used. Oto realized that was probably going to lead right to the lair of more of these creatures, and probably more mature ones.

"Ahh, I would not recommend that", Oto stated worriedly.

"Look, what are we doing here?" Thyrell asked. "We are after the Necromancer, and I do not think we are going to find him in this direction."

Talrek nodded, "This direction seems disused and inhabited by vermin."

"So let's head back," Oto said.

"Back where, the exit is blocked, remember" Mukah stated.

"There is still that pair of doors we passed," Thyrell said. Talrek and Alcor nodded. Oto looked hopefully at Mukah. Come on Mukah, he thought, now is not the time to think with your anger.

Mukah scowled, looked at the rest of the group and then shugged.

They all stood up and one after another headed back up the tunnel in the direction of the doors.

"Mukah, keep your eyes open for those two blobs!" Talrek warned.

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Fantasy Age Setting

I have the Fastasy Age (FAGE) rules put out by Green Ronin.  They are class/level based rules not dissimilar to D&D but simpler. The magic system in Fantasy Age is a little simple for my likes but it is compensated for with the inclusion of gunpowder.  I created a few sample characters to get a feel for the system and I plan to write at least one adventure using the rules. To that end, I decided to create a setting.

I scribbled out a few maps on paper and a few on my tablet before I got the idea to create it in Blender. I think it came out fairly well.

I decided a human-centric world with common gunpowder weapons might be interesting. Since Fantasy Age has the standard fantasy races (and options for many mixed heritage races) I decided to keep all of the races but come up with a reason for them to be uncommon.


The principal continent at the center of civilization is Tymera. Tymera has gone through a succession of Ages before reaching the current Age of Man.

Scholars say that the world (Duniya) was created through the combined efforts of five powerful gods; Talindra, Srus, Hubrun Darkshaper, Mugeg Nox, and Cadon. The Five, as they are known, were bored existing alone in the void and decided to create Duniya. Once it was complete they agreed that each would get an age to use the new world.

The Age of Serpents
While they argued over who should go first, Srus stole away and seeded Duniya with all manner of serpent creatures. When the other gods discovered what Srus has done they were angered. They began trying to spoil Srus’s efforts adding monsters. To regain control Srus created the Serpentfolk who began a civilization. Srus was pleased as the Serpentfolk began to worship him.

The Age of Monsters
Eventually, the other four gods came to Srus and told him that it was time to share Duniya with another god. Srus refused, proclaiming that his Serpentfolk now controlled the world. But while they argued Mugeg Nox seeded the world with his own creation the orcs. The orcs fought the Serpentfolk for centuries but could not defeat them. Mugeg Nox added more and more creations goblin-kind, ogres, and giants in an effort to defeat the Serpentfolk without success. Finally, Talindra came to his aid and cooled the continent of Tymera driving the Serpentfolk underground. Now the Orcs ruled the continent.

Unhappy with the cold, violent world that Mugeg Nox ruled over, Hubrun Darkshaper carefully crafted his creation the dwarves at the roots of the mountains. He gifted the dwarves with the knowledge of iron. When the dwarves emerged on the surface they drove the orcs and goblinoids to the far reaches of Duniya.

The Iron Age
The dwarves ruled over a rebirth of civilization on the continent of Tymera. Hubrun Darkshaper was open enough to allow the creations of the other gods to reside on the continent at the same time. The orcs in the far north, the Serpentfolk slumbering in the depths and new races. Talindra brought the elves to the forests of Tymera and Cadon introduced humans to the wilds.

The Golden Age
The elves and dwarves coexisted for a time both felt they were the rightful rulers of the world. The humans were considered a lesser, short-lived race fit only as servants. After a millennium of coexistence, some dispute arose between the elves and dwarves leading to war. The elves won out and the majority of the dwarves moved retreated behind their walls in the mountains. Those dwarves agreeing to accept the rule of the elves were called gnomes by the dwarves that remained free underground.

Both the dwarves and elves underestimated the humans because of their short lifespan. But Cadon was clever he gave the humans an insatiable need to make their mark. They learned iron making and steel forging from the dwarves, warcraft from the orcs and magic from the elves. They starting numerous wars between the human tribes and also with the Elves and Dwarves. Every time the Elves put down the humans. Talindra proclaimed that her creation was the greatest and the final age of the world.

The Age of Man
Then the gnomes discovered gunpowder. With their love of coin, they had no qualms selling gunpowder and weapons to the humans. Armed with muskets and pistols the humans finally had the strength to challenge the elves. Meanwhile, the elves discovered that the proliferation of iron in the world was weakening their magic. One-by-one the magic cities of the elves failed and fell into ruin until only the protected isle of Skystead remained.

Now is the rule of man. The continent is divided into seven constantly warring human kingdoms. The threat of barbarian tribes to the north and orc raiders keeps the human kingdoms from falling into all-out war. They hold a yearly conclave to keep the lines of communication open and sign treaties for trade and cooperation.

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Brognor's Hall Level 2

Level Two: The Working Area

Brognor’s Hall second level was a working area for the leaders of the Refuge and a place of meeting and planning.

Wandering Monsters and Strange Occurrences (1-2 on 1d6 every 3 turns)

(1). Brognor’s Ghost - the ghost of Brognor appears in a hall at a distance from the characters. He will again warn off intruders. “This is your final warning!”, “Leave Now!”.

(2). Rats, Giant (8): AC 7, HP 2 each, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-3 + disease, SA F1, ML 8, AL Neutral. A swarm of giant rats.

(3). Shadows (2): AC 7, HD 2+1, HP 15, 14, MV 30”, #AT 1 touch, DMG 1-4 +special, SA F2, ML 12, AL Chaotic. Shadows are non-corporeal creatures but are not undead although they also are not affected by sleep and charm spells. They look like real shadows and in fact will attack by coming out of the characters actual shadows. They surprise on a 1-5 on 1d6. If it touches a character it does 1-4 damage and drains 1 point of strength. This lasts for 8 turns.

(4). Tarantella (1): AC 5, HD 4, HP 28, MV 40’, #AT 1 bite, DMG 1-8 + poison, SA F2, ML 8, AL Neutral. The bite of the tarantella is poisonous. If save vs poison is failed the victim is affected by a painful toxin that causes them to twitch (dance) uncontrollably for 2-12 turns. They are at -4 to hit during this time and attackers are at +4 to hit. The dance is magical and all those viewing it must save vs Spells are join the victim in the dance. Dancers collapse from exhaustion after 5 turns and are helpless.

(5). Groaning Noise - a deep, mournful groaning noise is heard in a discernible direction. It could be a monster or just the stones of the Hold shifting.

(6). Sudden Breeze - a sudden cold breeze is felt and lasts for 1 round. Unprotected lamps or candles are blown out, torches sputter but relight.

18. Communal Hall
This is a large chamber with four large pillars holding up the 15’ high ceiling. There is a raised (2 foot) dias at the south end. Two rows of wooden benches fill the room. The recently dead bodies of four giant rats lie on the floor.

There is also a party of adventurers in this room. Megrun the wizard and his bodyguards, Tur, Henrik, Victor and Dorzas. If the the players have come to this chamber quietly they will surprise the adventurers. Henrik, Victor and Dorzas will be resting sitting on a bench near the giant rats and Megrun will be bandaging Tur who is lying on his back. If the players were not quiet (or were fighting in a nearby room) the adventurers will be onguard. One bodyguard will be hidden behind each pillar and Megrun will be behind a partially open door to area 19. He will swing the door open and yell, “Now” and they will all attack with surprise on a 1-2 on 1d6.

Megrun (1): AC 8, HD 5, HP 16, MV 40’, #AT 1 spell, DMG varies, SA M5, ML 8, AL Chaotic. Spells: Charm Person, Continual Light, Fireball.

Megrun also has a dagger but he prefers not to engage in physical combat. He is a thoroughly despicable person willing to sacrifice his bodyguards but he is also concerned for his own skin and will surrender and plead for his life if reduced to less than half his hit points. Of course he will turn on characters as soon as he gets the chance. He has a backpack with a copy of the ritual used to open the door to the Refuge, rope, iron spikes, 4 x 1,200 gold gems and 450 gold coins.

Bodyguards (4): AC 7, HD 4, HP 22, 12, 24, 23, MV 40’, #AT 1 sword, DMG 1-8, SA F4, ML 9, AL Chaotic. Each is armed with a sword and wear leather armor. They each have a pouch with 200 gold coins in it (their payment from Megrun). They are not loyal to Megrun but are each out for themselves.

19. Elaborate Chamber
This chamber was well decorated at one time, a threadbare rug lies on the floor, there are six comfortable seats, two wooden wardrobes and two wooden tables. The room has been ransacked. The wardrobes are open, one has a door hanging by one hinge, the chairs have been slashed and the stuffing pulled out and the rug is flipped over to reveal the floor beneath. A scattering of papers are all of the chamber. There is nothing to find here. Megrun’s party recently ransacked this room.

20. Guardroom
This chamber was a guardroom, there are two tables surrounded by chairs, empty weapon racks against the north and west walls and a large number of human skeletons lying on the floor clutching shields and spears.

Skeletons (12): AC 7, HD 1, HP 6 each, MV 20’, #AT 1 sword, DMG 1-8, SA F1, ML 12, AL Chaotic. They are armed with swords and carry shields.

The skeletons will animate slowly once any living being enters the chamber. They will pursue adventurers relentlessly, not stopping until all are destroyed. Even if they lose sight of players due to their slow movement they will continue to follow.

21. Administrator's Chamber
This chamber has a sign on the door that says “Administrator”. In the chamber there is a desk, chair, bookshelf and a small bed with a chair near it. The bed no longer has sheets and the bookshelf no longer has any books. The desk has four unlocked drawers. In the drawers are some old pieces of blank parchment that are brittle with age.

Chamber of the Pool

22. Chamber of the Pool
This is a large chamber with a 16 foot high vaulted ceiling. Empty iron torch sconces line the walls. On the north wall an old tapestry is hanging. Several wooden planks are piled beneath the tapestry. Dominating this chamber is a 15 foot in diameter pool filled with inky blue liquid. The liquid puts out a low, magic aura. The tapestry depicts a battle between an army of humans and elves fighting goblinoids lead by ogres. The humans appear to be winning.

If players move close to the water and peer into it they cannot see past the surface. Strange ripples move across the surface from the center to the edges of the pool. Residing in the pool of water is a serpent which will erupt from the pool to attack with surprise on 1-2 on 1d6.

Serpent (1): AC 6, HD 5, HP 33, MV special, #AT 1 bite, DMG 2-12, SA F5, ML11, AL Chaotic. The serpent attacks by biting with its razor sharp teeth. The serpent’s bite is poisonous and victims must save vs poison or become ill for 2d4 days. While sick they have -2 to Attack rolls and their armor class has a +2 penalty. The serpent cannot leave the pool but it is 12 feet long and can attack characters up to ten feet from the pool. If all of the characters move off and make ranged attacks it will hide beneath the surface.

Once the serpent is dead the pool will slowly clear (1 turn) revealing clear, refreshing water. The pool is ten feet deep. At the bottom of the pool is a small, metal strongbox.  The box is locked and contains three potions and a dagger+2. The potions are healing, giant strength, and antidote.

23. Confluence
This chamber is plain and bare appearing to just be a confluence of three passages. However, there is a ten foot square area in the center of the room that triggers a trap if stepped on. The trap is barrage of darts fired from the east wall. Careful examination of the room before entering would reveal the small holes in the east wall. The barrage consists of 20 metal darts each doing 1d8 damage. Every character in the chamber when the trap is tripped must save vs Death ray of be hit by 1d4 darts.

24. Library
This chamber has two walls of bookshelves. Only a handful of books remain on the shelves. The floor of the chamber is covered with loose parchments and pages from books. If the papers on the floor are searched carefully one can be found to be a magic scroll with a fly spell.

25. Storage
This chamber has a pile of wooden crates against the east wall. In total there are twelve crates. Two of the crates have been smashed open revealing the remnant of rotten food. All of the crates held perishable food that has long since rotted away.

26. False Door
The door at the end of the hall is a false door that cannot be opened. Once the latch of the door is pulled it will come out from the door held only by a narrow metal bar. A trap will be triggered once the latch is pulled. Gas billows into the room and the far door locks. The gas is flammable and will explode in 1d4 rounds if it contacts an exposed flame. The explosion causes 2d6 points of damage to all within the hallway. The door remains closed until unlocked or smashed open.

27. Fuel Store
There are 14 barrels stacked in this chamber along the west wall, two barrels high. The barrels have leaked a dark viscous substance all over the floor of this room. The material is flammable pitch. Walking through the chamber is done at half speed and the players boots will become covered with sticky, flammable pitch.

28. Apprentices Forge
This chamber was the sleeping quarters for the apprentice smiths working in the forge (area 30). All that remains now are four wooden beds without sheets or blankets on them and four empty footlockers.

29. Smith’s Room
This chamber was the sleeping quarters of the master smith of the forge. There is a small bed, a table with three chairs and two large cabinets that are closed. In the cabinets there are a number of half finished weapons, 3 swords without pommels, and 12 ax heads. All are serviceable quality but none are special.

30. Foundry
There is a large stone forge in the center of this chamber. Above the forge is a stone vent that leads to outside the side of the rock. Around the forge are a number of anvils. Piles of metal lie about the room. But the piles are just mounds of rusty flakes. Hidden in one pile of rust is a rust monster.

Rust Monster (1): AC 2, HD 5, HP 28, MV 40’, #AT 1, DMG special, SA F3, ML 7, AL Neutral. If a character hits a rust monster or a rust monster hits a character with its antenna it will cause any metal armor or weapons to immediately rust so that they are unusable and worthless. Magic weapons or armor lose one plus per hit. This rust monster has become fat on the trove of metal that it has found.

31. Valued Stores
The door to this small 5 foot square room is locked. It is an old iron lock that is simple but rusty so it requires a normal lock pick attempt. Inside there are shelves on the three walls facing the door. Lying on these shelves are four wooden boxes. Two broken wooden boxes lie on the floor.

Box one contains four silver candlesticks worth 30 gold each.
Box two holds a finely made dagger. It is a cursed dagger-1.
Box three holds a plain looking sword but it is magic sword +1.
Box Four has an elaborate gold linked chain with a pendant. The pendant depicts a rock outcrop (that looks like the rock of the hold) with twin lightning bolts striking it. It is non-magical but worth 500 gold..

32. Storeroom
This room holds many wooden crates of various sizes. A total of 24 wooden crates, the largest is 2 feet square. The crates all hold bed sheets, blankets and towels.

33. Recreation Room
This room has three tables and a dozen chairs. A few of the chairs are knocked over. On the east wall there are two wooden bullseye. Each is chipped and cracked from apparently being repeatedly struck by daggers.

34. Meeting Room
There are four large, round tables in this room. Three chairs are stacked on each table. A trail of dark splatters leads through the room. The splatter is long-dried blood and it leads to area 35.

35. Meeting Room
There are two tables in this room and nine chairs. Two of the chairs are broken into bits and one table lies on its side. On the floor is a dismembered corpse of a long dead human man. Six horrible, bestial creatures clad in rags cluster about the corpse. One has the corpses arm in its mouth. The six creatures are ghouls who have found a long dead corpse.

Ghouls (6): AC 6, HD 2, HP 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 12, MV 30’, #AT 2 claws/1 bite, 1-3 each +special, SA F2, ML 9, ALChaotic. The touch of a ghoul will paralyze unless a Save vs paralysis is made. The paralysis lasts 2-8 turns unless dispelled.

36. Guardroom
There are metal shields attached to the west wall of this room with crossed spears behind each shield. In the room are three wooden chairs in a rough circle. The shields are hooked on the wall but are serviceable. The spears are bolted to the wall and are not useable.

37. Hall of Contemplation
There is a large statue of a human man. The man wears simple clothes, is bald and has a stern expression. This is a statue of Nebus (god of judgement) carved to look like Brognor. Before the statue are two, low wooden benches. There is a tripwire at ankle height stretched across the room in front of the statue. It is nearly impossible to see. If the tripwire is broken a series of darts fire from the wall striking anyone in line with the tripwire. They do no damage but they are coated with poison. Victims must save vs poison or be paralyzed for 2d12 turns.

38. Temple Antechamber
This is an open area along the passage. Another passage enters from the south. A large puddle of grey, brackish water fills the center of the room. The puddle is about eight feet in diameter. It is actually a gray ooze.

Gray Ooze (1): AC 8, HD 3, HP 22, MV 3’, #AT 1, DMG 2-16, SA F2, ML12, AL Neutral. The ooze moves very slowly but attacks until destroyed. A hit from the ooze strikes clothing or armor first dissolving it in one round (magic armor takes a full turn to destroy) once it reaches skin it does 2d8 points of damage per round. The ooze is unharmed by cold or fire.

39. Vestments Chamber
The door to this room is locked. Inside is a room with wooden lined walls. The wood walls form closets with many woolen robes hanging in them. Most of the robes are dried out and crumble when handled. But one of the robes is an Elven Cloak (move silently, only seen on a 1 on 1d6).

40. Trapped Hall
The door here leads to a long passage. On the wall facing the door there is the carved face of a lion with its mouth open in a roar. Five feet from the door at the point at which the corridor turns there is a tripwire at the height of 3 feet. If it is tripped, a roar of fire will blast out of the mouth of the lion doing 2d4 damage to all creatures between the door and the lion head. The lion has enough fuel to roar twice, so it could be reset if the tripwire is set up again.

Dungeon Level 2